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Nation to Nation takes a weekly look at the politics affecting Aboriginal people in Canada. Join host Todd Lamirande as he connects you to the decision makers in Ottawa and across the country.

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Season Five

‘A turning point’: New Indigenous child welfare legislation will save lives says Philpott

It’s likely to be the most important work the Trudeau government does this term.

New child welfare legislation for Indigenous people. Minister Jane Philpott believes it will save lives.

That’s on this edition of Nation to Nation.

Originally aired December 6, 2018, 2018

Surviving the Kamloops Indian Residential School and the struggle for a settlement

A special edition Nation To Nation from the Kamloops Indian Residential School.

In this episode we focus on the forgotten Day Scholars and their struggle for a settlement.

We’ll have more details about their lawsuit over abuse and loss of language and culture.

Plus a heartbreaking interview with a survivor.

Originally aired November 29, 2018

Shuttering child advocate’s office in Ontario not just devastating but ‘stupid’: Charlie Angus

Nation to Nation’s political panel teams up on Doug Ford.

And it has to do with shutting down the child advocate.

The NDP call it stupid. Isn’t there a better way to save money say Conservatives.

Liberals say he’s conquering minorities.

Originally aired November 22, 2018

Foster homes investigated 7 times within a year but Ontario didn’t close them until Tammy Keeash died: court documents

Northern Ontario’s child welfare system is in crisis.

Tammy Keeash died while in foster care in Thunder Bay.

Nation to Nation reports on the company that operated her foster home.

As well, a Thunder Bay child welfare lawyer says children’s aid societies often fail to follow due process when apprehending kids.

Originally aired November 15, 2018

Gladue principles are failing in courts; how will they work in correctional system if ‘enshrined’ in law?

On this episode of Nation To Nation: The number of Indigenous people being incarcerated in this country keeps rising. That’s a phrase heard year after year.

Now Indigenous people represent 29 per cent of offenders in the correctional system, a jump of two per cent over a year ago. Female offenders have kept pace, jumping from just under 38 per cent to 40.

Originally aired November 8, 2018

Trudeau government working to help First Nations cut off by Greyhound cancellations: Liberal MP

On this episode of Nation To Nation: Greyhound announced this past summer it was cancelling almost all of its bus routes in Western Canada. It’s a mode of transportation used by many First Nations, particularly in northern regions.

Since then 87 per cent of the affected routes have been met by other operators to provide service. But has left a big hole for First Nations.

Originally aired November 1, 2018

Liberal MP says ‘heads need to roll’ if bureaucrats don’t shape up on First Nations education

The Indigenous Affairs committee grilled civil servants this week over the gap in graduation rates on-reserve. The suggestion is that heads should roll over in Indigenous Services. We see what our panel of MPs thinks and their answers may surprise you.

As well, more and more children are being caught up in foster care in the Northwest Territories. It’s increasingly being described as a disaster.

Originally aired October 25, 2018

Look to Indigenous people to fight climate change and prosper: Elizabeth May

The political panel of MPs continues a debate on climate change that began earlier this week in the House of Commons after a United Nations report came with a dire warning that we only have 12 years to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half or face irreversible effects.

As well, NDP MP Georgina Jolibois talks about rural crime and not blaming Indigenous youth.

Originally aired October 18, 2018

Cindy Gladue became the face of violence against Indigenous women inside and out of courts

On this episode of Nation To Nation: A busy day at the supreme court of Canada.

It heard submissions for and against overturning an appeal to have the alleged murderer of Cindy Gladue re-tried.

And it made a decision that the federal government does not have to consult on legislation affecting first nations.

Originally aired October 11, 2018

Consulting on Trans Mountain pipeline while planning to build anyway is a ‘farce’: Saganash

In the season premiere of Nation to Nation the hot topic was once again the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Trudeau government has vowed to build the pipeline and properly consult First Nations sitting along its route from Alberta to British Columbia.

NDP MP Romeo Saganash calls it all a “farce” saying Ottawa can’t say they are consulting on it and then plan to build it anyway.

Originally aired October 4, 2018