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InFocus advances the latest news stories and puts them into perspective. Join host Melissa Ridgen as she puts the news, viewers want to see “in focus”, providing in-depth analysis to give the ‘story behind the story’. Informational and educational, InFocus provides a detailed examination of the issues affecting our communities.

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Indigenous satire helps deal with harsh realities

Indigenous people live with a lot of harsh realities – poverty, inter-generational trauma, murdered and missing loved ones, suicide, racism, displacement, cultural loss. Satire can be a distraction and sometimes poking a serious issue with a funny stick, can raise awareness, start a conversation or make an important point.

On this edition of InFocus, Host Melissa Ridgen explores Indigenous humour – how humour and satire help people deal with serious issues, and is our humor different from others?

Originally aired January 16, 2019

InFocus talks drag, Two Spirit and all things fabulous

Two spirit people have been a part of Indigenous culture long before settlers arrived in North America. Colonization brought many things with it, including a different foreign perspective on gender and sexuality.

On this addition of InFocus, Host Melissa Ridgen chatted with drag queens – the Queen of the Oil Patch and the Master of the Jig – all of whom shared what it’s like for them to be two spirited.

Originally aired January 9, 2019

Behind the scenes of APTN Investigates

Have you ever wondered how an investigative news story comes together? How journalists get to the bottom of complex topics?

On this addition of APTN’s InFocus, host Melissa Ridgen sits down with the APTN Investigates team to discuss some of their favorite moments and the work behind the camera that audiences don’t get to see.

Originally aired January 2, 2019

‘E for effort’: Grading Canada’s path to reconciliation

On this year’s final addition of InFocus, Host Melissa Ridgen took a hard look at how 2018 was in terms of reconciliation.

What were the steps forward, and backward, this year? Was there meaningful effort or just talking points and empty gestures?

Originally aired December 19, 2018

What are they teaching our kids?

This week on InFocus, Host Melissa Ridgen takes a closer look at what we’re teaching our kids in school.

Are children — Indigenous and non-Indigenous — getting enough Indigenous content in the classroom?

Originally aired December 12, 2018

‘Nothing short of a nightmare’: The Indigenous experience on campus

On this edition to APTN’s InFocus, host Melissa Ridgen looks at Indigenous experiences on campus, from the perspective of educators and students.

There’s no shortage of stories in the news or social media of incidents like the ‘Its okay to be white’ posters that were posted at the University of Manitoba, and left many Indigenous students feeling unsafe.

Originally aired December 5, 2018

‘Bringing us back to tradition and spirit’: A look at Indigenous Sport

In this episode, Melissa Ridgen put Indigenous athletes and sport InFocus.

She spoke with Olympic hopeful James Lavallee. The Red River Métis kayaker was named 2017s Male Indigenous Athlete of the year in Canada and won three medals at the 2017 Canada Summer games.

Along with Buffy Handel, founder of the Aboriginal School of Dance has blended dance and fitness to stay in shape and help others reach their fitness goals.

Originally aired November 28, 2018

Putting the Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework InFocus

It’s an issue that has taken up its fair share of the media spotlight over the past few months – but do people understand what the Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework actually is?

InFocus Host Melissa Ridgen navigates through this proposed federal legislation that the Liberal government has been working on since February 14, 2018.

Originally aired November 21, 2018

Shopping while brown: InFocus tackles racial profiling

Racial profiling can come in many forms. Have you ever been followed by store staff while shopping? Do you seem to get served differently in restaurants or in stores? Does it happen regularly? Has you changed the way you act in stores because of this?

If you said you yes, you may be the victim of racial profiling. In this episode, Host Melissa Ridgen puts Shopping While Brown InFocus.

Originally aired November 14, 2018

Tougher rules needed for healing lodges, Tori Stafford’s dad tells APTN InFocus

There has been a lot of talk about healing lodges after Tori Stafford’s killer was transferred to one from a traditional prison.

Moving Terry-Lynne McClintic, 28, to the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge in Saskatchewan from Grand Valley outraged many Canadians.

In this episode Marlene Orr, Matt Willan and Tori’s father, Rodney put healing lodges InFocus.

Originally aired November 7, 2018

Hosts of The Other Side bring their paranormal activity to the set of InFocus

The hosts of the APTN show The Other Side join InFocus host Melissa Ridgen for a ghostly hour of paranormal activity on the Halloween edition of InFocus.

The Other Side is a paranormal investigative show that airs on APTN each week, investigating paranormal activity in a variety of locations across the country.

Two ghost chasers, Jeff Richards and Tom Charles, tell stories of haunted hotels, family homes and abandoned buildings and where encounters include physical contact and meeting with loved ones.

Originally aired October 31, 2018

Métis, who are they?

Host Melissa Ridgen and her guests dig deep into the discussion about what makes the Métis, Métis.

Some say it’s simply the children of Indigenous and European parents. But can it be anyone who has Indigenous ancestors in their bloodline?

Groups in Eastern Canada say that having an Indigenous ancestor in your history, even hundreds of years ago, makes a person Métis.

Originally aired October 24, 2018

Legal Weed goes on sale across Canada

After years of criminalization, the Canadian government has made it legal to purchase and smoke cannabis.

And many First Nations are getting in on the industry on the ground floor.

In this episode Host Melissa Ridgen cuts through the haze and puts cannabis legalization InFocus.

Originally aired October 17, 2018

Breaking through the stereotypes immigrants are learning about Indigenous peoples

Starting over in a new country is stressful. There’s a lot to learn.

But what happens when you hear inaccurate information? How do you know what is true and what is false?

In this episode, we put new Canadians’ misconceptions and stereotypes of Indigenous people InFocus and explore initiatives that are setting the record straight.

Originally aired October 10, 2018

Youth leaders discuss concerns and what we can do better

What is important to youth today?

On the InFocus season premiere with host Melissa Ridgen, we talk to youth leaders to find out the issues that affect youth most and the possible solutions.

Originally aired October 3, 2018

First Contact participants reunite to speak about their 28 day journey

In this special edition of InFocus all six participants of the series, First Contact, join host Melissa Ridgen to share their thoughts on the 28 day journey that took them to Indigenous communities across Canada.

Their experiences confronted and challenged their perceptions about Indigenous Peoples.

Originally aired September 13, 2018

Community hosts and producers share insight into First Contact

In this special edition of InFocus with host Melissa Ridgen, we hear the perspectives of community hosts and producers of the three part series, First Contact.

The show features six non-Indigenous Canadians with negative stereotypical views of Indigenous Peoples in Canada who are taken on a 28 day journey.

Originally aired September 12, 2018