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Trudeau government inaction on interim report concerns commissioners of MMIWG inquiry


Dennis Ward
APTN Face to Face
As the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls nears its end later this year the chief commissioner says it still has concerns about the Trudeau governments action so far on its previously released interim report.

Which makes Marion Buller aware the recommendations in the inquiry’s final report can’t be ignored.

It raises a lot of concerns for us,” says Buller, chief commissioner of the inquiry.

“The interim report was ground-breaking in the work that was contained in it. So, of course it doubles our concern about framing our recommendations in a way that will be acted upon.”

Buller was joined by commissioners Michele Audette and Brian Eyolfson on Face to Face with host Dennis Ward Tuesday night.

Their interim report was releases in early November 2017.

They acknowledged they have “more than one new level of frustration” with the federal government.

Commissioners also expressed their disappointment with the inquiry being timed to the next federal election.

“I’m trying to think of polite words to use but horribly disappointing not only to us but to Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people all across Canada,” says Buller. “We view this issue or issues of violence against Indigenous women and girls to be so serious and so important to all Canadians that it should have survived an election cycle.”

Cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls have continued as the inquiry has crossed the country.

News broke of the death of Mary Madeline Yellowback while the inquiry was in Winnipeg holding hearings.

The body of the 33-year-old woman from God’s River in Manitoba was discovered at a Winnipeg recycling depot on Sept. 28.

Police are investigating Yellowback’s death as suspicious.

“It is just a reminder that we have to keep going with this very important work and get the important recommendations out there to ensure that government makes the necessary changes,” says Commissioner Brian Eyolfson.

Final submissions to the inquiry by Parties with Standing will take place in Ottawa from Dec. 10-14.

The final report is due in April 30, 2019.


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