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Camp remains focused following confrontation with ‘Nazi’

Dennis Ward
Members of the Justice for Our Stolen Children group say an incident on the weekend created an unsafe situation for the camp set up in Regina.

Members of the protest camp say a man arrived at Wascana on Saturday claiming he was there to protect his “German right’s.”

Part of the incident was recorded and shows the man giving the Nazi salute and yelling “Heil Hitler.”


Courtesy: Justice for Our Stolen Children Camp

The man was also armed with a knife.

Prescott Demas, who has been at the camp since it was set up more than 130 days ago, says the man was “angry” and “aggressive.”

Regina Police were called and attended the scene.

Chasity Delorme, a member of the camp, said things would’ve played out differently had that been an Indigenous man standing there holding a knife.

“The outcome would be totally different.  People probably would have been arrested.  There was a weapon involved,” she said.

Robyn Pitawanakwat says one of the six police officers who arrived indicated the man was “expressing his culture” and had a “right to protest.”

APTN News tried to reach a spokesperson for the Regina Police Service but were unsuccessful.

Pitawanakwat says what’s unfortunate about this incident is that it distracts from the issues we’re bringing forward.

“What’s getting picked up is instead is this story about one Nazi,” she said. “So, we’re now not focusing on the issues of children in care, we’re not focusing on the issue of uninvestigated missing youth or uninvestigated deaths of youth.”

As many as 30 people have been staying at the Our Stolen Children camp where 14 teepees have now been erected.

The group met with the province of Saskatchewan on July 2 and were awaiting word from the province on Wednesday about a follow up meeting.

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2 Responses to “Camp remains focused following confrontation with ‘Nazi’”

    Joe July 17, 2018 at 3:49 pm #

    While you and I may not like his views, he has every right to express them.

    andrew July 16, 2018 at 10:28 pm #

    The police must investigate the incident and the statement attributed to one of their officers about “expressing” his culture. What a crock.