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Commissioner Audette to stay with national inquiry

After a two-week break, Commissioner Michele Audette has broken her silence with news she will remain with the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Audette withdrew in anger to consider her future after Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett declined on June 5 to extend the inquiry another two years.

Instead, Bennett gave the four commissioners another six months to hear testimony and six months to write their report until June 2019.

There has been no reaction from Audette’s counterparts, who continued to hear testimony in her absence.

Wednesday Audette released a statement “to continue” the journey as a commissioner.

“While I continue to feel deep disappointment in the government and regret that the final report will not be as comprehensive as it could have been, my heart will not let me walk away from my commitment,” she said.

“What cannot be accomplished by the National Inquiry will be clearly set out in our recommendations to the government, for which they will ultimately be held to account.”


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