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Ontario judge needs concerns about 60s Scoop settlement addressed before approving

Beverly Andrews

An Ontario judge says he has concerns that need to be addressed before approving the $875 million settlement agreement between 60s Scoop survivors and the federal government.

The judge in the case is concerned about the amount lawyers are making for handling the cases.



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16 Responses to “Ontario judge needs concerns about 60s Scoop settlement addressed before approving”

  1. coastmountains53@gmail.com'
    Wil. June 11, 2018 at 11:21 pm #

    The lawyers helped us in the first steps in applying. I thank them for enlightening all of us of what was to come. I thank the lawyers for updating me up until the time I was notified that we will all stand together as Canada and not province levels. My concern now is, I have not recieved any accknowledgement in the mail nor email from this Federal claim since the lawyer told me I was in the hands of the Federal Government. Klein has helped me considerably and now I feel a little lost…They were asking a large % and I did sign not knowing if I had a choice. I hope to hear from someone soon and wish the lawyers the best of luck with thier lawsuit. However, the victims are becoming victims of the system once again and the lifetime of confusion needs to end very soon. Please move forward.

  2. napiomaggs@gmail.com'
    Margaret Frances Napio June 5, 2018 at 4:43 am #

    This Sixties Scoop money wouldn’t be happening at all, except that lawyers and such recognized it as an opportunity for making big money fast. The Survivors are being used. It’s not about making amends to us at all when you look at how much the lawyers are taking out of the total amount. Here we go again with the white man taking away from the First Nations.

  3. jackie_bowerman@live.ca'
    Jackie June 2, 2018 at 12:59 am #

    I also am a survivor of the sixties scoop. I was 3 yrs old when the society took me from my family and I the only child taken was placed in a non-native home. After being in that home for 12 yrs…I can tell you I was emotionally abused. In my earlier years I was sexually abused in different homes. Also I remember being hung from rafters, where my younger sister cut me down somehow. Lots of abuse during my stays in homes…no amount of money is going to erase any of these memories…but the financial support could and would definately help my family in a big way, having struggles during my whole life and having no family support has been very tough…

  4. freddricklfiddler@gmail.com'
    scott June 1, 2018 at 6:39 pm #


    I just want to say that i am a Survivor of the sixties scoop and I have lost a lot I lost my identity,language,feeling as I fit where? Because of the scoop I lost my family I lost my feeling of belonging my culture. the family’s that i have met have all tried to turn me into a white person. they made me not be able to trust non aboriginal people. They believed that my culture was dirty disgusting they called us heathens to the point that they thought that i had a evil spirit inside of me so they felt that they had too excise me so they took me to a priest to preform this exorcism on me this went on for three days. i know that today that they are mixed up about religion. They really believed that all native people are all evil and they waned to have me go on in life believing that my people where evil messed up. I know today that my people are beautiful my people are no evil we are strong and we will thrive given the chance to heal. what i think about the 875 million and 75 million going to the lawyers. I believe that it is not enough I could go on and on and on about the hurts that the system has given me but I want to end with this trust is earned not given. CAN I TRUST THE LAWYERS & GOVERNMENT TO TREAT US 1ST NATIONS PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN EFFECTED BY THE SIXTIES SCOOP WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT FROM US. For me I just feel that every body wants something from us the government took us from our family’s took our LIVES and SCREWED us now the lawyers want there share also.




  5. williamjosephpelly@outlook.com'
    William Joseph Pelly June 1, 2018 at 1:14 pm #

    I have to agree with several of the respondents as to the motives of the lawyers involved. A few years ago when I became aware of the class action lawsuit in Ontario I contacted the law firm of Jeffrey Wilson. At that time I gave them my Sixties Scoop file and my personal information so that I could be registered amongst fellow claimants. Later I also added my name to the law firm of Tony Merchant who I learned was also pursuing this case on our behalf. Later still I also ‘registered’ and gave my intention to Jeffrey Wilson’s law firm about joining and contributing to the work of the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation. A ‘group’ which I would say that I am most qualified to be part of.

    Sadly however, the above law firms’ contact back with me throughout this process has been suspect. Simple one-liner emails that acknowledge what I have sent but little or no interest as to what they are doing for me in this process; or answer back to me as to what I could do more for them. An occasional email would arrive in my in-box, telling me to check out the website which had been constructed to answer Sixties Scoop questions. But checking this site made me feel that it was more a marketing tool to speak to ‘see what we ‘lawyers’ are doing for you.. we are doing something’.

    Later I was dismayed when I received an email from Jeffrey Wilson stating that he was “humbled and honoured, [to be] Co-Chair of the Foundation Table”… thinking how did this man become ‘appointed’ or ‘elected’ to this positon? For I was never consulted nor I suspect any Sixties Scoop Survivor was made aware that any movement to set up the governance of this Foundation had been established. Through the news I have learned that Chief Martell is also part of this Foundation, as well as a Judge is a member. I noticed in one television broadcast, I am sorry I forget which; I saw a respondent let slip that the position’s on the foundation are ‘paid’ and that Chief Martel would receive $25,000 for participating.

    With speaking with fellow Survivors like Adam North Peigen, Colen Rajotte and Duane Morrisseau concerns for the process and the exclusion of Metis and Non-Status Indians I decided to object to the process and this class-action lawsuit. Clawing my way again through a process that was not clear nor self-evident I finally was able to file my objection with the Court of Ontario.

    With this objection filed, interestingly last month I was contacted by phone by a lawyer named Adam from Koskie Minsky LLP who verified with me my background information concerning my right as a Sixties Scoop Survivor to speak and give Objection to be held in Toronto on May 29th at the Ontario Court. At that time, I asked him when and where in Toronto this Objection is taking place and he told me that he did not have the details but that “as they get closer to the date that he should know more”.

    I have to say that no lawyer from any of these law firms ever contacted me with any date or location about where I should go to speak. Which says a lot to me about their concerns for the sufferings of what we as Sixties Scoop survivors endured.

    As for these law firms and their proposed $75million fees, I can only comment that unlike their communication with me; I am sure that these law firms will have no difficulty responding, collecting and depositing it.

  6. cwie29@gmail.com'
    Cora May 31, 2018 at 10:31 pm #

    There will never be an amount to compensate what was done to us 60’s Scoop Survivors. Time to heal ourselves because no amount of apologies will be sufficient. It is MY responsibility and accountability to heal and move forward in the best way of my interests. I deserve to enjoy the rest of my life. I am so glad a Judge has taken these Lawyers to task over their fees. I understand there are lawyers who have worked so hard to bring this awareness and letigation to the Courts therefore are deserving of a higher financial compensation. Then there are ones with $$$$ in their eyes. So deceptive. I consulted a Lawyer in order to understand my rights. Decided against having one as I can maneuver my way around. It’s not for everyone so please do not take this as advice because this is ONLY for me. If I decide to sue my province for they are the ones who had the Social Workers with help from RCMP to Scoop my family then I will hire a Lawyer. Again…that’s for me. No advice being given. Blessings to my fellow 60’s Survivor’s.

  7. jaymesthomas1906@outlook.com'
    Elroy Thomas May 31, 2018 at 5:15 pm #

    It’ll be alright, people. The judge thinks the lawyers charge too much and he’s gonna negotiate a lower charge.
    Sliding scale rule, is what is used.

    • cheyanneharvey.ltd@gmail.com'
      Chey June 2, 2018 at 3:25 pm #

      Nice thanks.

  8. Anishinawbeways@gmail.vom'
    Melanie May 31, 2018 at 1:30 pm #

    There was a group of indigenous women men and a few artists along with myself,outside after the proceedings. We were approached by 3 security asking what our business was there and what we were doing with our art. Clearly they were not asking The white women or men on the bench beside us or the non native people walking on the grounds. I am a sixties scoop survivor. I was there for the proceedings. I am indigenous ,grassroots and I am an artist. This was targeted and racist. They waited until the cameras were gone before interrogation.. Your reporter took my pic without my permission. And avoided showing my cousins carving because you wanted to see my work only. This whole case was about loss of culture. We are bringing it. You want The truth were here. The lawyers and settlers laws were imposed on our people. Canada believes in Canadian law as their way and this is the way to keep us quiet. There is another law and it predates your laws. Osgood is our land and we do not fall under Canadian government laws.

  9. 5683mnc@gmail.com'
    Cher May 31, 2018 at 5:01 am #

    The judge is concerned about how much the lawyers are going to make!?!?! Obviously this man/judge is looking out for his own… I don’t understand how a judge may delay a case on ” feelings for the lawyers” Is this how you treat people who have been let down over and over?!Make them jump through hoops only to be let down by the same government that only yesterday offered an apology for your legal human trafficking, Racism, Emotional abuse, Sexual abuse, and physical abuse. The government took these children and didn’t care what happened over a period of 30+ years…. Similar to Hitler’s regime. It may not have been armed guards but they were the government’s employees that legally took us away from our homes and placed us with strangers who decided we needed to be white and purge the Indian in us. Oppression is an offer 25,000 to people who are distraught, Offering 75 million to lawyers who wont even call you back because they see you the way they have been taught to discard you.. like everyone else.. I am appalled beyond belief by the arrogance, insensitivity, unscrupulous way this judge, the Saskatchewan judge handle delicate matters as this one. No honourable person would treat human beings who have accepted so much and been degraded by those in authority positions. The audacity of this judge to set precedence over the lawyers fees, it goes to show exactly where this judge’s moral compass is pointed. As long as the government is not held responsible for actions they will continue to oppress us as natives as people, as a community. …where is the justice in the judge sticking up for lawyers who are receiving millions??? and the majority of these survivors who are living in poverty and will only receive minimum payment of 25,000. EQUALITY WILL NEVER EXIST WITH GREED. The world doesn’t need judges worrying about the rights of lawyers whom are more than capable of standing up for their rights… the judge is supposed to be impartial… We hear on the news that the bad guy is dressed in black….No one ever thinks its a judge….No-one would ever think to look at a judge who is respected, educated and held in high regard but I challenge you to see this for what it is… A judge may be educated but without compassion he is weak in character, The ability to see the truth doesn’t require education,
    it requires a soul.

    • aiyah2511@hotmail.com'
      Sandra June 1, 2018 at 8:30 pm #

      Do you not think the lawyers are asking too much? 75 Million dollars is a lot of money! It is us who suffered and these lawyers are soaking this case for as much as they can. The Judge is not wrong to put a stop to these lawyers’ greed. I too want this over and am just as frustrated that it is put off yet again, but I also do not agree with the money grabbing behavior of these lawyers who do not give a rats a$$ about us!

    • fiddlergordon72@gmail.com'
      Gordon Fiddler June 1, 2018 at 10:12 pm #

      It’s called Freemasonary. They look after their own . Rub each other’s backs. Change is NEVER GOING TO BE FAST on earth. It takes years. Evolution takes time. At least they are giving you something. So shut up and be grateful your alive to get something. All I hear is a bunch of victim mentality natives crying for nothing. Be grateful they won’t touch your 25,000-50,000. It takes money to get money. I can see how when I taken away how much I learned from white people. The basics of survival in the modern era. It could have been much worse. I could have stayed and remained uneducated and a psychopath as I have seen this already. Especially when drinking. I too am a 60’s Scoop Survivor too so I know what I am talking about. I been through the penitentiary system myself. Experienced reserve life too. The ones who weren’t taken away ended up not being educated like I was in spite of them calling me white man because of the way I carried myself after years being away. I am grateful to the family who brought me up. Yes the methods used to hurt me made me stronger. I have various areas of intelligence to carry decent conversations. I can adapt and survive if the situation warrants it. The people who didn’t get taken, remain uneducated and savage like. I hate to say it but I refuse to be politically correct. I could have stayed and remained uneducated and savage like too. I saw all the signs hindsight in my healing process. So just quit acting like a victim. Thank you.

    • a.hillaby@hotmail.com'
      Aly June 8, 2018 at 8:45 pm #

      …He thinks the lawyers are making TOO much money. That more should be going to the survivors

  10. lensgladue@yahoo.ca'
    Leonard Gladue May 31, 2018 at 1:27 am #

    About time a person with a conscience has concerns

  11. ssaints1@hotmail.com'
    Leroy Ewing May 31, 2018 at 1:18 am #

    Well yes I think that there price for these lawyers that are getting paid to take on our case is to much. I think 20 Million is better price but who am I to say. Once I agreed to this settlement I couldn’t say anymore. Even though I told my story to theses lawyers in an email. I didn’t get call from any lawyer. I guess they want to hurry this case through so they can get paid their
    millions and we get maybe 20,000 each depends on how many survivors are left.

  12. spiritjewels@mail.com'
    Jewels May 30, 2018 at 10:57 pm #

    Me too!!!!!