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Alberta’s Notley set to apologize to province’s 60s Scoop survivors

Alberta will soon become the second province in Canada to apologize to 60s Scoop survivors.

APTN News has confirmed that Premier Rachel Notley will make the apology in the legislature on May 28.

“In the spirit of reconciliation, the province has been working closely with the Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta (SSISA) to understand the impact of the Sixties Scoop,” said a statement from the ministry of children’s services.

SSISA and the Alberta government have been in talks about the adoptees would like from an apology.

“Earlier this year, we held engagement sessions across the province, where we listened to hundreds of survivors and families impacted by this dark chapter in Canadian history,” the statement from the ministry said.

“Throughout the process, survivors and families were clear that an apology is necessary for reconciliation. We look forward to the 28th, and thank SSISA, survivors, and their families for their strength and resiliency.”

Word of the apology first circulated on social media in early May.

The announcement coincides with a federal court approval of the Sixties Scoop settlement.

Justice Michel shore approved the settlement on May 11 in a Saskatoon courtroom.

In the days immediately following the Alberta apology, an Ontario court will make the final approval on the settlement and then a nine-month application period will open for claimants.

The only other province to apologize for the apprehension and adoption of Indigenous children was Manitoba in 2015.







2 Responses to “Alberta’s Notley set to apologize to province’s 60s Scoop survivors”

    Wanda Hunter May 16, 2018 at 4:07 am #

    I am one of the claimants who has survived bring in foster care for many years. I have been infected with the residential school issue and would appreciate any kind of apology.

    Adam North Peigan May 16, 2018 at 2:59 am #

    As the President of the Sixties Scoop Indigenous Society of Alberta we are very happy to hear an apology that is long overdue. We have worked hard with the Alberta Government the past year in half to make this happen. It will a historic event for our Indigenous People in Alberta and across Canada