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APTN Investigates: Reckoning at St. Anne’s

Cullen Crozier
APTN Investigates
Ten years after former prime minister Stephen Harper’s historic federal apology to residential school survivors, former students of St. Anne’s Indian Residential School in Ft. Albany, Ontario are still fighting to have their stories told.

Ft. Albany sits along the Albany River just inshore from James Bay in Northern Ontario.

Many survivors have accused the federal government of suppressing evidence of widespread abuse – including the use of an electric chair on children.

APTN Investigates video journalist, Cullen Crozier examines the history behind one of Canada’s most notorious residential schools to find out why are survivors are being re-victimized by the federal government?


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  1. kbjmcclain@hotmail.com'
    Karen McClain April 15, 2018 at 4:56 pm #

    I believe that if we got busy and relayed our pre-contact history it would be more effective in securing reconciliation. people would be more receptive to the Native Way if they could feel and understand the hope, serenity and resilience that is passed on through the teachings.