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Nunavut’s failing grade on climate change sign of greater problem

Kent Driscoll
Nunavut is not doing enough to prepare for climate change according to the latest report by the Auditor General of Canada.

“The impacts of climate change are visible across Nunavut. We found that the Government of Nunavut was not adequately prepared to respond to these impacts,” said Jim McKenzie from the auditor general’s office.

If Nunavut is not ready, then why not? After all, the government put a plan in place in 2014.

“Human resource capacity challenges within the government and those make it difficult to sustain effort and attention,” said McKenzie.

This is nothing new for Nunavut residents.

In the last decade the auditor general’s office has issued reports on social workers, child safety, justice and jails. All of them found major problems.

And each time the Nunavut government agreed and promised to make changes.

But those changes don’t happen.

One reason is there isn’t enough people to get the jobs done with 27 per cent of government jobs currently vacant.

The auditor general’s office did suggest a way to get out of the understaffing cycle: pick fewer things and do them right.

“I think it’s important, because resources are limited, that they try not to do everything,” said McKenzie.

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One Response to “Nunavut’s failing grade on climate change sign of greater problem”

    Richard B. Alberta March 15, 2018 at 12:00 am #

    Nunavut politicians could learn a thing or two from Trudeau. Pretend to care about all things that affect all areas of your country – then focus only on those issues that will ensure future votes for the Liberal party. This strategy will likely not be good for the Territory or the Country, but why would you really care about that?