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‘Justice for Colten’ rallies sweep across the country

Martha Troian
APTN Investigates

On the eve before several rallies unravelled across the country, Jade Tootoosis is seen here after the verdict was read declaring Gerald Stanley not guilty in the shooting of Tootoosis’s cousin, Colten Boushie. Tootoosis told the crowd the family will fight for an appeal.



Hundreds of supporters, of all ages, march through downtown Vancouver calling for justice for Colten Boushie.



APTN Investigates reporter Rob Smith was at the rally in Vancouver.



Over 1000 people showed up at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon to show solidarity and support for the Boushie and Baptiste family. APTN National News reporter Chris Stewart was there.



APTN Investigates reporter, Martha Troian attended Winnipeg’s rally at the RCMP “D” Division. Participants chanted, “No Justice, No Peace” after the drumming.



APTN National News reporter Brittany Hobson covered the Winnipeg rally, it started at the Oodeena Circle and ending at the Law Courts of Winnipeg and to the RCMP “D” Division.



Tim Fontaine from The Laughing Drum with APTN was at the rally in Winnipeg.



Many supporters adorned with signs to their backs with words that read, ‘Justice for Colten.’ More photos by APTN National News reporter Brittany Hobson.



Supporters in Thunder Bay called for justice for Colten Boushie. APTN National News reporter Willow Fiddler was there.



At the Lil’ Bans Hockey Tournament in Dryden, Ont., players participated in a moment of silence for the injustices and racism thath Indigenous face and pray for healing and the coming together of all people.



Many people on Twitter used the hashtag #JusticeforColten and the hashtag #IdleNoMore was also seen. APTN National News reporter Beverly Andrews was at Toronto’s rally, at least 200 people attended Nathan Phillips Square.



Supporters from Halifax gathered outside of the court house, many of them holding candles and drums. APTN National News reporter Justin Brake and APTN Investigates reporter Trina Roache were at the event.



On February 14th, 2pm CST, InFocus will take a look at rural racism in Canada and the Gerald Stanley and Colten Boushie case.


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2 Responses to “‘Justice for Colten’ rallies sweep across the country”

  1. gtnoriega@telus.net'
    George February 14, 2018 at 3:37 pm #

    Read the Canadian criminal code that deals with manslaughter, section 236, subsection A. Then, re-read Stanley’s testimony and try to make sense of the fact that his actions did not meet the criteria for a charge of manslaughter according to the jury. Or, in other words, what am I missing in my reading of this possible charge that the jury could have found him guilty of, but chose not to?

    He’s still looking at two RCMP firearms related charges. I’m guessing he’ll get 30 days in jail, his weapons confiscated and probation.

    Lastly, I hope the Boushie family goes forward with a civil suit against Stanley and wins that one. It won’t bring her son back, but it will send a loud message to Stanley for killing her son.

    ELDER (L) February 14, 2018 at 3:12 pm #

    i have noticed that not all provinces of first nations posted any kind of words of support ,grief or prayers ,can anyone acknowledge,