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InFocus examines those left out of the proposed ‘60s Scoop settlement

It’s a proposed $800-million dollar settlement for Indigenous children who were ripped from their homes and families during the 60s Scoop.

But the Metis and non-status were left out of the agreement and many survivors are not happy with the proposed settlement.

The former president of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan is now taking matters into his own hands. Robert Doucette is suing the federal and Saskatchewan governments over the 60s Scoop.

Doucette, his daughter Kyra Wilson and Duane Morrisseau-Beck of the National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network share their experiences and concerns of the proposed compensation package as we put the Metis 60s Scoop InFocus.

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3 Responses to “InFocus examines those left out of the proposed ‘60s Scoop settlement”

    DAWN SMOKE February 15, 2018 at 5:41 pm #

    i’m Anishnawbe and was taken, along with all my siblings by childrens aid in 1951 … because of circumstances chances are i will not qualify for settlement, and doesn’t bother me at all since i just don’t feel throwing possibly 20 grand at me is going to heal the damage that was done…because my brothers and sister have other circumstances there is a chance for them and they could use that money for medical…that’s because childrens aid, the government and indian affairs were all responsible through the genocidal program going on at the time…now, just curious…am fond of my Metis friends but you were not under the jurisdiction of indian affairs , wouldn’t it be better to approach the matter as an independent Nation with some issues that are the same as ours and other issues that are different ? just thinking hook up with us and the monies will be watered down so much they’ll be independent complaint will have to start from the beginning..a platform for all the grievances suffered through your generations.. interesting all of this…good luck

    rock matte February 8, 2018 at 8:01 am #

    What a great leader Mr. Robert Doucette is larger than life a true leader and I believe the victim of the scoop are in good hand

      Réjean OBomsawin February 9, 2018 at 1:01 am #

      It bring so much pride to hear my brother Robert to stand for what we always fight for i hope to work with you in a near future.
      May Kchi Niwaskw bless and protect you and your family