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Siksika Nation man sues RCMP for alleged excessive force in 2016

Tamara Pimentel
A man from Siksika Nation, east of Calgary, is suing the RCMP for damage and trauma caused by a violent arrest in 2016 that his lawyer says left him injured to this day.

Christian Duckchief described, after the arrest, that his nose was “smashed” after being elbowed over and over during the arrest April 1, 2016 at about 6 a.m.

He and his wife, Chantel Stonechild, filed a statement of claim Thursday seeking nearly $2 million in damages.

The claim alleges police knocked on the door during a routine incident not involving Duckchild. When a young child answered the police came in the house and found Duckchief and Stonechild naked and sleeping on their bedroom floor.

When the officers tried to handcuff Duckchief, while he was still asleep and unaware of what was happening, he bit one of the officer’s finger.

That’s when he alleges the police began to beat him and wouldn’t let him get dressed before dragging him to the RCMP detachment.

After about 20 mins he was taken to the hospital here he had reconstructive surgery to his face and body.

He was then charged with resisting and assaulting an officer, but those charges have been dropped.

The RCMP wouldn’t comment.

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