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APTN Investigates: The Salmon Warriors

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The battle over the lucrative British Columbia fish farm industry is raging. Cullen Crozier visits the northeastern coast of Vancouver island to investigate the lines being drawn in “The Salmon Warriors.”

Some Indigenous peoples make a living out of the industry while others are calling for the total removal of all farms.

Hereditary Chief Willie Moon of the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw people is calling for the Midsummer Island farm to be eradicated from his people’s traditional, unceded territory – arguing they weren’t consulted.

Scientists, like independent biologist Alexandra Morton say the evidence of disease spreading from farmed Atlantic salmon to the wild Pacific fish is alarming and wide-spread.

It’s a battleground and APTN Investigates takes you to the frontlines.


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One Response to “APTN Investigates: The Salmon Warriors”

  1. aleeword@gmail.com'
    Alee Gould February 15, 2018 at 7:30 am #

    Good grief,

    When a foreign country illegally sets up business along B.C. shores in un-ceded territory without consultation and our illustrious court system sides with the guilty, Canada has sold out Indigenous peoples, and all other thinking Canadians.

    That scientific studies into the hazards of fish farming are University funded and ongoing with empirical evidence sufficient to shut down this nonsense; that the farm fish in question are Atlantic not Pacific salmon, that evidence of diseased fish is factual, that “antibiotics are injected” to prevent ….. says the company, I know with certainty that I am witnessing abject idiocy, irrational thinking and cognitive dissonance common to so many white guys.

    First Nations are the experts, the professionals, the Guardians concerning all things natural. How many centuries will be required by the slow thinkers to catch up?