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APTN Investigates: The Crash

APTN Investigates
Melissa Ridgen
The lives of three families are shattered because a motor vehicle collision left a teen girl dead, a young man paralyzed and another girl injured.

A lengthy police investigation yielded no charges against the driver and has left them with more questions than answers.


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One Response to “APTN Investigates: The Crash”

  1. grammapard@gmail.com'
    Gayle Pard January 23, 2018 at 1:17 pm #

    I feel very angry, sad and frustrated that this accident could happen and no one is held accountable. What a tawdry investigation; and the reporters/ investigators for aptn were charged for the file? I thought we have a Freedom if Information Program. So, it would not be available to me as I could afford the price?
    I mourn the losses of this family. Ms. Jacobs deserves Justice. And, in turn, perhaps this Justice would bring some comfort to her family and friends.
    Is there no way that they can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the person who is known to have caused the death and permanent harm to the others? I do not know if we in Canada have that ability as you hear in the US. However I would exhaust all methods beyond the legal ( as there was nothing done) and take this to a lawyer; perhaps they can sue for liability.
    My prayers are with you all. I admire your reports and , although, it breaks my heart , At the least I can offer prayers to the family.
    Gayle Pard