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RCMP arrest two elderly women at Trans Mountain pipeline protest

Tina House
Witnesses say RCMP used a battering ram to open a trailer door to remove two elderly women inside protesting the Trans Mountain pipeline late Wednesday.

“They had a weapon and just started to just go ahead and smash (the door) with this big giant black pipe from what I could see above,” said Yuni Urchin, who was on the roof of the trailer refusing to come down.

“It’s now ripped our door apart. They’ve smashed the window and the handle here so we are not able to close it.”

APTN was told the two women were arrested but released an hour later without charges.

The commotion was captured on video at the scene.

The women have been at the trailer protesting the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in Burnaby, B.C.

The RCMP had been threatening to remove the trailer but Urchin has refused to come down.

APTN requested comment from the RCMP but didn’t get a response.

No one is sure what will happen next but the women say they’re not leaving.


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One Response to “RCMP arrest two elderly women at Trans Mountain pipeline protest”

  1. stonemason4u@gmail.com'
    Peter Sackmann January 13, 2018 at 3:14 pm #

    First of all elderly women? The lying media who back these enviormentalists are fueling their unbacked claims of doom and destruction. They are lawless thugs who use bullshit human rights claims to try and get thier way. They are parked illegal with a trailer and just like the law abiding Canadians where asked to move it. And unlike law abiding Canadians they told the RCMP a lie and then remained there. So they were removed just like would happen to anyone else. The R.C.M.P. need to work much harder at removing these illegals and jailing them asap before someone gets hurt or things go to far. These protesters are backed by big money from the US and other petroleum producing nations who have billions to lose if Canada gets a chance to sell its oil and gas on the world markets. Most of these protesters are indigenous and are the ones claiming that the ideginous people of Canada have not been taken care of properly and that education is one of the biggest complaints. So we have uneducated people claiming they know and have read all the science and technology, understand all the data that prove these projects are safe for the enviorment and Canadians and knowing and understanding this information are going to protect Canada’s enviorment and Canadians against their will and against science and technology from the evil petroleum producers. Canada’s world leading petroleum industry should be the model for other countries but get nothing but lies and bullshit spread about them and their companies. Times have changed in the industry and these companies are just as concerned with the enviorment, saftey and the future of Canada as they are with profits. Yes they want and are making big dollars but they have come to realize with technology and innovations you can accomplish all. Dumping sewage into our waterways raw or treated, land fill garbage dumps and so much more need our attention and not the cleanest, most enviormentaly friendly petroleum industry in the world!