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Nation To Nation: Government needs to stop treating families disrespectfully – NDP

Nation to Nation
The opposition members of Nation to Nation’s political panel took the government to task over why it forced Angela Shisheesh into court to get permission to tell the world about her ordeal at the notorious St. Anne’s residential school in Fort Albany, Ontario.

Ottawa and the church currently control her testimony because of a previous settlement.

NDP MP Charlie Angus has been a strong advocate of Sheeshish’s struggle.

His colleague, NDP MP Sheila Malcolmson, was asked about the issue during N2N’s political panel.

“Decades of what any of us would call torture, institutionalized pedophilia, people in the highest level of responsibility inflicting the worst abuse of power. And ruining generations of families,” Malcolmson told N2N Host Todd Lamirande.

“So how on earth the government, the Canadian government, can allow itself to be characterized in any way as not on the side of the families and not doing everything to bring the real criminals to justice here.”

As well, the government of Canada is set to make marijuana legal this July.

However, chiefs in Ontario and Quebec say it’s happening too fast.

And First Nations are not fully prepared for the impacts.

AFN Ontario regional chief Isadore Day says the First Nations he represents want more involvement.

“We feel that the government needs to take another year, “ he told Lamirande. “They need to work with us directly. There needs to be a fair share. We need set asides. We need investments in community safety.”

And earlier today Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett made an announcement on a National Council for Reconciliation.

It will be a body that will report back to the government on the progress of reconciliation.

Treaty Six Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild will sit on its interim board.

“For me I think we’ve made some very, very important progress but what we need is the council,” he said. “We need the monitoring of all this good activity and perhaps some coordination because there’s a lot of things that are happening where we can learn from each other.”

Littlechild will be joined by five other board members, Max Fineday, Dr. Mike Degagne, Clint Davis, Jean Teillet and Edith Cloutier, for a six month term.

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2 Responses to “Nation To Nation: Government needs to stop treating families disrespectfully – NDP”

    Sue Enberg December 18, 2017 at 2:47 pm #

    You need to correct Angela’s last name to Shisheesh

    • Mark Blackburn December 19, 2017 at 12:33 am #

      Thank you, it has been corrected.