Nation To Nation: Metis leader expresses skepticism on Riel anniversaryAPTN News

Nation To Nation: Metis leader expresses skepticism on Riel anniversary

Nation To Nation
The federal government executed Metis leader Louis Riel on this day 132 years ago.

In recent times, the Metis have won significant court victories.

Four years ago it was recognition that the 1870 Manitoba land grant to the Metis had been done unfairly.

And a year and a half ago it was the Daniels decision.

But according to Benny Michaud, president of the Metis Nation of Ontario’s Ottawa region, a government to government relationship still remains elusive.

“I think it’s still very much down the road,” she said. “I’d say at this point the honour of the Crown, that phrase is almost facetious in nature at this point.”

Michaud pointed to the exclusion of Metis from the proposed $800 million Sixties Scoop adoptee settlement as an example.

“Our children being taken doesn’t matter. That’s the message being sent,” she said.

“And when you talk about reconciliation you need to be inclusive and ensure that the experiences and the realities of Metis people are taken into account.”

As well leaders and speakers on modern treaties and self-government agreements were in Ottawa this week.

A few of them dropped by APTN’s Nation to Nation studio in Ottawa to tell host Todd Lamirande what work still needs to be done on implementing them. And getting the federal government to live up to their promises.

They are cautiously optimistic, especially since Prime Minister Trudeau promised to meet with them on a yearly basis.

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