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2 Yukon staff members resign from MMIWG inquiry

Shirley McLean
Two Yukon staff members for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls have resigned.

Lawyer Karen Snowshoe told APTN News of her resignation in a Facebook message.

Snowshoe said Melissa Carlick has also resigned

Both women live in Whitehorse.

Karen Snowshoe

As the legal counsel, Karen Snowshoe was the first to guide a family through testimony at the first set of hearings held in Whitehorse in May.

Helping Frances Neumann and her daughter Tracy Camilleri to speak of Mary Smith. Neumann’s sister-in-law who was killed by Jordan Paul also known as the boozing barber in Vancouver in 1982.

Melissa Carlick joined the National Inquiry after the Whitehorse hearings to help assist families in Yukon, Northwest Territories, Alberta and parts of British Columbia.

Both women live in Whitehorse and have intimate knowledge in having a family taken.

Melissa Carlick

Snowshoe was grateful to be part of the inquiry because of her own experience with having a family member killed.

In December of 2014, her 17-year-old niece Brandy Vittrekwa’s body was found beaten on walking trail in the McIntyre subdivision in Whitehorse.

A First Nation teenage male was convicted of manslaughter in Vittrekwa’s death in 2016.

He admitted to beating her after she refused a kiss from him.

Melissa Carlick’s 19-year-old cousin Angel Carlick was found in a rural subdivision near Whitehorse in 2007.

Six months after she went missing on the day of her high school graduation.

Her death was ruled as a homicide.

10 years later Angel’s mother Wendy 51, along with her friend Sarah McIntosh 53 were killed in a Whitehorse home in April.

All three deaths remain unsolved.

No reasons were given for their resignations and calls to both have not been returned.

The national inquiry told APTN they will not comment on staffing issues.


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3 Responses to “2 Yukon staff members resign from MMIWG inquiry”

  1. Gitxsanlady50@yahoo.com'
    Grandmother November 15, 2017 at 10:56 pm #

    Why are so many woman dripping out of this ?
    What’s the reason ?
    Is it because the police ?
    The lawyers ?
    We need this to be strong to find out who’s the serial killers of the woman ?

  2. Rick@wecreateresults.com'
    Rick Tonita November 15, 2017 at 5:20 pm #

    It is tragic the focus has become about the staff of the inquiry rather than create healing and provide answers to the long suffering families.

  3. Ingridbignell02@hotmail.com'
    Ingrid November 15, 2017 at 1:49 am #

    I think all of us feel the MMIW has been hijacked..