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Aboriginal Veterans Day: Honoring the thousands who are under recognized

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November 8th is Aboriginal Veterans Day.

A day to honor and remember the contributions Indigenous people made for our country in times of war and peacekeeping

Commemorative ceremonies began in Manitoba in 1994 and has been gaining momentum across the country ever since.

Veteran Affairs Canada says more than 7-thousand First Nations members served in the First and Second World Wars, including the Korean War.

However, it is not known how many Inuit, Metis and other Indigenous people also served but Veteran Affairs Canada says one group estimates 12-thousand indigenous men and women served in the three wars.

In this episode of InFocus, three veterans share their experience.

Bill Shead, Devin Beaudry and Denis Lamirande.

Join us as we honor the thousands of Indigenous veterans who defended Canada.

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One Response to “Aboriginal Veterans Day: Honoring the thousands who are under recognized”

  1. burlytune@yahoo.com'
    Richard moore November 10, 2017 at 4:00 pm #

    It has become apt and repetitive to reflect on the catastrophe and hypocrisy of human conflict that war is ! I find it totally inane and redundant that remembrance day focuses on those who paid the ultimate price for their choice of conflict resolution , although tragic it is the cardinal rule of existence – THOUGH SHALL NOT KILL – and it is the multitude of scarred survivors , families and society that suffer the losses and future aspirations that their Kin once held for the future I also find it most disturbing that those colonialist soldiers sent overseas to participate in European colonialist conflicts and populace genocide , turned a blind eye to colonialist genocide perpetrated on the peoples of their homelands which is still ravaging the many Nations of Turtle Island ! I choose to reflect on the past futile carnage of war as a reminder to work in the present to heal and prevent the continuation of hypocrisy and genocide in our homelands ! LEST WE FORGET PEACE ! All my Relations !