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Nehass back on bail after short taste of freedom


Shirley McLean
Michael Nehass continues to battle the justice system despite not facing any more criminal charges.

The 33-year-old Talhtan man is now fighting a peace bond, something his lawyer calls “ludicrous.”

Lawyer Anik Morrow, who is handling the case pro bono, says someone who feels threatened by her client’s freedom has applied for the protection order through a B.C. judge.

“It’s just another way of putting someone on a sentence and a long-term supervision order piecemeal,” she said from Toronto.

A publication ban prevents APTN News from naming the applicant of the peace bond.

Morrow helped Nehass get out of prison in September after the Yukon Crown dropped assault and unlawful confinement charges from 2011.

She says her client’s mental health suffered from long stints in solitary while in custody at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre.

Just over a month later, Nehass was arrested in Lower Post, B.C., on Oct. 19, and transferred to Fort St. John, where he was released on Nov. 3.

Morrow believes Nehass is not a threat.

“They’re ignoring the fact that he was mentally ill and deteriorating, ignoring the fact that he was sent to a mental health facility in Ontario, and ignoring the fact he was released … because … he was not a threat to himself or anybody else.”

She said he was making plans to look for a job and start a new life with his girlfriend. But now his movements are restricted by new bail conditions until the peace bond can be dealt with early next year.

“What it means is that they can’t make a living, they can’t function. They’re stuck in this web,” Morrow said.

The Nehass case hit the headlines in 2014 after he was dragged naked and schackled in front of a Yukon judge.

His father filed a human rights complaint citing his son’s mental health was at risk for spending long periods of time in solitary confinement.

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