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The dark past and injustices of tuberculosis sanatoria in Canada

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In this episode of APTN InFocus, we take a look at sanatoriums where Indigenous people were sent for treatment of tuberculosis.

TB was a highly contagious and often fatal lung disease.

Before a vaccination was found, patients were put on long periods of bed rest, given a nourishing diet and hours of fresh air.

But a lot more than that happened them.

Things such as medical experiments on children, inhumane treatment and for those who died from the disease, burial in unmarked graves far from home.

An episode produced by APTN Investigates called “A Cure Was Worse”, aired last week.

Producer Holly Moore helps tell the story of one man’s promise to fight for justice for his brother and all other TB patients who went to TB sanatoriums.

Moore and Gerald McIvor, the man leading the fight for justice, joined host Juanita Towtongie to talk about TB sanatoriums.

Historian Ian Mosby also joined the discussion.

He found evidence of nutritional experiments against residential school students and is calling for an inquiry looking into these “Indian hospitals”.

Yet another dark chapter in Canada’s history.

If you would like to tell your story about being in a sanatorium with TB, please email Holly Moore at

Or reach Gerald McIvor on Facebook or join his Facebook page: Indigenous Victims of Medical Experiments in Canada

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