Kiuna college president says there is a need for 'culturally adapted programs' at Quebec inquiry - APTN NewsAPTN News

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One Response to “Kiuna college president says there is a need for ‘culturally adapted programs’ at Quebec inquiry”

    George Henry October 31, 2017 at 4:37 pm #

    Aanii Danielle My experience with our Anishinaabeg way, my gained knowledge, verbally passed to me by the many Elders. Over a period of my long life time of listening and discussions. Reconciliation is only a word of intentions, The Anishinaabeg Truths, and Spitituallity must be understood by the Anishinaabeg leadership in First Nations Governance as well the Citizens of Canada and their leadership. The Canadian leadership must resource Canadian education institutions and First Nations education institutions with a mandated ciriculmn of Anishinaabeg consciousness in our philosophy of Governance, Spirituality. All Canadian children and youth must be educated. Anishinaabeg people know our experience with a paternalistic colonization ideology have been a failure over the last 150 years. The inherent rights in the patriated Canada Constituion of 1982 is the law that can legislate the Truth & Reconciliation education Program. Your work is important please continue. ahoo Anishinaabeg Elder