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Ontario college teachers strike putting out hundreds of thousands of students


Annette Francis
College students across Ontario have been left to hit the books on their own after thousands of teachers, councillors and librarians went on strike.

The action puts hundreds of thousands of students out of 24 schools across the province.

20-year-old Dani Lanoutte, who is a second-year general art and science student said it’s stressful – and she’ll try to stay in school mode.

“I come to school everyday basically and get my studying done, get my assignments done,” she said. “Make sure I’m prepared for when the strike does end.”

As of midnight Sunday, 12,000 staff started their action.

Skyar Manitowabi is a third-year civic engineering student.

He is one of 1,100 Indigenous students at Algonquin College in Ottawa who is affected by the strike.

“It’s kinda like a bitter and sweet kinda thing,” Manitowabi said. “So yeah its like there’s word that’s going around that it’s gonna be like at least three weeks, which is like a huge chunk of our studies, but at the same time, it’s like we can still catch up in our work and try to get ahead of our studies try to be well prepared when we do get back rolling.”

College communications teacher Jordan Smith said the strike is about job security – but also about treating students fairly.

“In my situation, I teach as many sections as I can in order to make ends meet,” said Smith. “I have to take home a lot of different contracts, it just means that I’m not as present for my students as I possibly could be, I don’t mark things as quickly because I’m doing all sorts of other contracts.

“I have three other contracts besides the four classes I’m teaching so my attention is being divided.”

Smith said he’s prepared to stay out here for as long as it takes to get a better deal.


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