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Former MMIWG inquiry staffer: ‘Stop the process right now’

Dennis Ward
APTN National News
A former director of communications for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls believes the inquiry is too dysfunctional to succeed on its current path.

Sue Montgomery, who had “high hopes” for the inquiry, resigned in June and described her time as “very frustrating” with “a lot of dysfunction, a lot of disorganization, a lack of leadership.”

On Thursday, the inquiry announced it is rescheduling the Montreal expert hearings that were planned for Oct. 2-5. It’s the latest in a series of delayed and rescheduled events.

“This is a response to feedback received from families, parties with standing and National Indigenous Organizations after the Expert Panel Hearings held in Winnipeg” according to a statement posted on the inquiry’s social media platforms.

Montgomery contends there “was no plan from the beginning” something she said shocked her when she joined the inquiry as an interim director of communications.

“You can’t make it up as you go along,” said Montgomery of the federal government earmarked $54 million to run over two years.

Montgomery believes commissioners should “stop the process right now and come up with a detailed plan and schedule.”

There have been a number of calls for a “hard reset” of the inquiry and for the commissioners to step down.

“Four commissioners are too many,” said Montgomery, adding and the inquiry needs to “bring in someone with strong leadership and management skills.”

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