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Yukon teachers trying to decolonize the classroom


Shirley McLean
APTN National News
As Yukon teachers prepare for the upcoming school year the topic in a workshop this week was decolonizing the classroom.

“It means stripping down everything you know, the values that you hold and trying to integrate where those things are coming from,” said Mark Connel. “The school in the Canadian context and teachers in particular were weapons of colonialism violence.”

Connel said an example of today’s colonial violence can be reflected in lower rates of high school graduates among Yukon Indigenous students.

It’s all part of workshop this week where Yukon teachers were learning about new curriculum that has a stronger emphasis on reconciliation and calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“One of those calls to action is Indigenization of education school curriculum so this is the start of our work,” said Nicole Morgan.

Sean McDougal teaches Tlingit language and culture to high school students and believes the workshop is a good start.

“I think we’re slowly breaking down those structure walls that happened through colonization to have a broader world view,” said McDougal.



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