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‘We’re still stuck on April 24, 1993’: Woman struggles to find missing sister


Todd Lamirande
APTN National News
Agnes Gould remembers the day her sister came into this world.

Her mother kept having boy after boy and Gould kept hoping for a little sister.

“Finally my sister came and I was so excited. I get to help feed her, clean her, teach her how to walk,” she recalled.

“I have all these wonderful memories of my sister.”

But Gould also remembers another day: April 24, 1993.

That’s the day her sister Virginia Sue Pictou disappeared.

“My sister was getting brutally beaten on a street. State Street in Bangor, Maine by two men. She was getting kicked in the head and her body,” said Gould.

Pictou was taken to a medical centre and while staff were working on her a gunshot victim was brought in.

“When they turned back, she had disappeared. Either she walked out or whatever,” said Gould.

Since that day in 1993 the family has been looking for her.

“We’ve done just about everything there is – private investigators, cadaver dogs, you name it, just to try and find her,” said Gould.

Pictou was 24-years-old and a mother of five.

“She loved her children,” said Gould. “She had a beautiful smile and she could cook the best fried chicken you ever had.

Gould is registered for the October hearings at the national inquiry for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

She’s not sure what will come of it.

“Now we’re inside and we’re saying listen to our stories, this is what we’re going through,” she said.

But she won’t be happy until she gets the answer to the question, where’s her sister?

“We’re still stuck on April 24th, 1993,” she said.



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