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APTN Investigates: Bad Medicine

Cullen Crozier
APTN Investigates
APTN Investigates reporter Cullen Crozier interviewed Canadian soldiers and their families about their experiences with the anti-malarial drug Mefloquine. Two soldiers, Clayton Matchee and Kyle Brown were on the drug when a Somali teenager was beaten to death in their care.

Here are brief snippets from Cullen’s story “Bad Medicine” that will air Friday on APTN Investigates. 

Marj Matchee: The wife of Clayton Matchee, one of only two soldiers charged in the murder of a Somali teenager in 1993. Matchee was deemed not fit to stand trial after an apparent suicide attempt left him with permanent brain damage. 



Dave Bona: Is in recovery from PTSD and the neurological effects of Mefloquine that was administered to him while on duty with the Canadian military


John Dowe:  One of the few soldiers who witnessed the beating death of Shidane Arone, a Somali teenager who snuck into the compound that night. 


Dr. Remington Nevin: A leading expert on Mefloquine and witnessed  the drug’s side effects first hand while serving as a U.S. Army Major.  

Cullen’s program, Bad Medicine airs Friday, April 7th after APTN National News



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