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Mother of the murdered: Tina Fontaine’s mother speaks

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Dennis Ward
APTN National News
She spoke at a vigil for her murdered daughter, but since then Tina Duck has been shunned, even by her own family.

Now, the mother of murdered teen Tina Fontaine is speaking out against allegations directed at her over the past year—including the reasons her daughter was taken away by provincial child welfare authorities.

Duck says it was drinking, not abuse that led to the loss of custody over her daughter. She says she never hit Fontaine.

“I know I have a problem with drinking, ya, but I’m trying to get my life back together, but it’s so hard,” said Duck.

Some have accused Duck of dragging her daughter into the lifestyle the 15-year-old was believed to be leading when she was murdered.

Duck’s son said in an interview with APTN last year that it was his mother who led Fontaine into the world of drugs and escorting.

Duck’s sister Angie Duck said those allegations are false.

“He’s my nephew, but I don’t respect him disrespecting his mom like that, saying all of those lies about teaching her daughter how to prostitute to do drugs like that, it’s not right,” she said.

Tina Duck says her murdered daughter’s aunts and cousins knew Raymond Cormier, the man charged with Fontaine’s murder.

One of those family members was also charged last summer with holding a 17-year-old girl against her will and trafficking her for sex.

“Why would they let my daughter hang around with an older guy like that?  Say they love her and want her to stay with them,” said Duck.

Duck admits she did work the streets when she was younger, but she can’t understand why people continue to blame her for what happened.

Knowing she will never see Tina Fontaine again, rips her apart inside.

She is happy there’s been an arrest and she plans to attend the trial.

“Let him know what he done to me. How far he pushed me.  I don’t even like the way my life is turning out right now.  It hurts,” she said. “I just want my daughter to rest in peace.  Let people stop talking and making her a big story.  You know that hurts every time I see her in the paper.”


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One Response to “Mother of the murdered: Tina Fontaine’s mother speaks”

    GreatPlains Reader March 16, 2016 at 1:45 am #

    Absolutely tragic…none of us can or will ever know the pain being carried by Tina’s mother. One can only hope that somehow Ms. Duck can find some healing through the support of those in the community able to provide it, One can only hope Ms. Duck can find some meaning and purpose for her own life.