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Lake St. Martin residents demand to go home

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It’s been nearly two years but thousands of First Nation flood evacuees are still waiting to go home and people are asking one question of the Manitoba government – what are they prepared to do?

Lake St. Martin residents were evacuated to Winnipeg and Chief Adrian Sinclair says the flood that destroyed their community was manmade.

“Those are the issues we’re here to address with the premier, the manmade flooding they caused to surrounding communities to save Winnipeg and southern Manitoba by flooding the surrounding First Nations reserves. That is why we’re here today. To get our voices heard,” said Sinclair.

Many people came to the Manitoba legislature to press the provincial government to get moving on promises, the get people back home.

“People are still displaced and we want awareness on the issue. People are forgotten. People are stressed and depressed and want to go home. They don’t want to live in the city anymore,” said Lake St. Martin resident Myrle Ballard.

But Premier Greg Selinger said his government is doing all it can and he’s already offered temporary housing or a hotels until permanent solutions can be found.

“It’s a choice people make. If they want to be in temporary housing on a site or if they want to be elsewhere that’s their choice as well. We’re making sure that people are safe and taken care of and children are getting their education wherever they’re located,” said Selinger.

That falls flat according to opposition parties.

“The premier owes the people of Lake St. Martin…an apology for the fact they were flooded last year, artificialy, in order to save other people,” said Liberal leader Jon Gerrard.

As APTN National News reporter Melissa Ridgen reports the people are faced with only one option – wait until they get to go home.

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One Response to “Lake St. Martin residents demand to go home”

    Concerned First Nation November 29, 2012 at 3:38 am #

    I can’t believe the governments have not apoligized for displacing the First Nation People of Lake St. Martin. From the beginning of time, the provincial and federal governments have been dictating how We as First Nation People should act, walk and talk and live as government dictates. No one has the right to tell you how you should do this. First Nation People were displaced from the beginning of time and now the governments are realizing what damage they have done to the First Nations People. The governments imposed their way of life, western culture society, residential schools. As a result of government dictatorship, First Nations Health has declined. The governments told First Nation Women to stop breastfeeding their newborn children and that canned cow’s milk was a better way. Now look at the governments now, promoting breastfeeding in First Nations communities.

    Two years in hotels, come on Greg Selinger! How many more Lake St. Martin First Nation People have to suffer. Lives have been lost or taken. These people are struggling and need your cooperation. Greg, it’s not about what YOU want! It’s about YOU the government making up or trying to help Lake St. Martin First Nations People strive and build a new community.

    I care for all people. I work hard at what I do. I don’t claim to know everything. If you know everything, then poor you! If you don’t like what I have to say then poor you! People need to be kind and compassionate to one another, no matter what color. We are all of the same race…..the human race. Don’t hate or criticize others.

    Hatred is a heavy load to carry! Don’t be so quick to judge!

    Take Care! And God Bless You!