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Time for national suicide strategy: Duncan

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Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan said the government would begin work on developing a national strategy to combat suicide in First Nations communities.

Last week, a nine year-old boy was found hanging inside a home in Sandy Bay, Sask. Family and community members said it was a suicide.

Suicide is the number one cause of death for young First Nation males in Canada.

“I think this is an obvious direction to go, so I will be quite willing to provide leadership in terms of trying to accomplish something on that front,” said Duncan.

Duncan said Health Canada would have to be involved in the development the strategy.

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One Response to “Time for national suicide strategy: Duncan”

  1. Anonymous February 25, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Why does Mr. Duncan not start with approving the building of public schools for these children? Attawapiskat kids have been asking for a school building for over thirty years now! In Kashechewan is the same problem and so it is in almost fifty other native American communities all across Canada. That is shameful and Mr. Duncan is anything but honest.