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Saskatchewan chiefs in turmoil over Lonechild

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The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations wrapped up last week amid increasingly bitter divisions over the organization’s to elected chief.

Some chiefs are openly pushing to depose federation Chief Guy Lonechild after it emerged he had been charged with drunk driving several weeks before he was elected to the post.

Lonechild kept the charge hidden from the majority of chiefs who voted him in.

Saskatoon Tribal Council Chief Felix Thomas is one of the chief’s pushing for Lonechild’s ouster. He spoke with APTN National News reporter Delaney Windigo.

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One Response to “Saskatchewan chiefs in turmoil over Lonechild”

  1. Anonymous February 23, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    Felix Thomas wants to be Grand Chief of FSIN himself. He specifically was warned and cautioned by other Chiefs to be very careful about what he was pushing. He explained to the assembly that he was the better man, that it was about the SIGA chair removal and that he supports the discord. nThomas has “little man” syndrome.nnTHE CHIEFS GOT IT RIGHT FELIX…when they called you out for SELF SERVING DIRTY POLITICS.nWatching you working tirelessly, holding secret meetings, whisper campaigns and walking around the leg floor was like watching the devil. Your hair was standing on end because you knew what you were doing was NOT right. But your greed, jealously, hate…drive you.nnPRIME EXAMPLE is the statement you made to the world, that the welfare of indian children in care can be traded for share in POTASH! The most unbelieveable and sickening statement from someone who is supposed to speak for these children, the most vulnerable citizens in this entire country. Children are dying in care, in over crowded substandard conditions with severe under resourcing. nYOU SHOWED the province, right there, what FELIX THOMAS is about. GREED and HIMSELF.nnThe time, effort and resources spent by YOU to try to get rid of LONECHILD should have been spent on more productive things. Like HELPING the community of South end deal with the SUICIDE epidemic where a 9 YEAR OLD CHILD KILLED HIMSELF on the day you were working so hard at bringing the discord you mentioned.nnYOU should be ashamed of yourself.nand do the RIGHT THING and step down.nMAKE room for a better human being to lead the Saskatoon Tribal Council.