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Toddler’s scalding drowning death accident: lawyer

By Larissa Burnouff
APTN National News
–The woman charged in the drowning death of a 22-month-old foster child believes she should not face criminal prosecution because the incident was an accident, her lawyer says.

Eunice Wudrich, of Aberdeen, Sask., is facing a charges of criminal negligence causing death and endangering the life of a child.

Evander Lee Daniels is believed to have drowned in scalding water hot after he was left in a bathtub for about 45 minutes, according to his father Chris Martell.

Wudrich’s lawyer Mark Brayford said  the 45-year-old woman was overwhelmed that day taking care of four other toddlers in the house. Brayford said Wudrich has no idea how Daniels drowned since she only left him in a few centimetres of water on June 8.

“Her husband was about to arrive home from work when Evander was in his bath and the next thing they realized is that the tap had been turned on and Evander was face down,” said Brayford. “It was just terrible after that. They tried to revive Evander and they called 911 immediately.”

Brayford said the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services had placed five toddlers under Wudrich’s care. He said the death was an accident and Wudrich should never have been charged.

“When you have five toddlers, it’s not like you can sit with one toddler in the bathtub,” said Brayford. “It’s a reality if social services places five toddlers at that age with one caregiver, they’re not giong to be able to be with each toddler 100 per cent of the time.”

Daniels’ grandfather Bruce Daniels said the provincial government needs to answer some questions about the death.

“They should have proper proceedings when they put kids in care,” said Daniels. “They should be looked at before the kids are put in there, instead of putting them in there overnight right away without hardly checking any backgrounds.”

Evander Daniels was found with burn marks all over his body. The little boy’s body was so disfigured Daniels’ father said he did not initially recognize his child lying in the funeral home.

“I seen him and he was third degree burnt head to toe, except his diaper area and his skin is burnt. I couldn’t recognize him,” said Martell, in a previous interview. “I know it wasn’t no accident after that.”

Wudrich’s next court appearance is in October.

Aberdeen is about 40 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.

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