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Nation to Nation takes a weekly look at the politics affecting Aboriginal people in Canada. Join host Todd Lamirande as he connects you to the decision makers in Ottawa and across the country.

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A look at what’s wrong with the way specific claims are resolved

Yvonne Jones, Cathy McLeod, and Georgina Jolibois all weigh in on what’s wrong with the way specific claims are resolved. It takes too long and costs too much. So is another overhaul of the process going to be effective?

As well, there’s been a lot of talk about self-government and self-determination. But not so much about re-establishing Indigenous law. Legal scholar Val Napoleon of the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria says you can’t have effective self-government without it.

Originally aired October 19, 2017

Indigenous people overrepresented in prisons, under-represented in trade

Senator Kim Pate talks about the staggering numbers of Indigenous people in prison, especially for females, where nearly 38 percent of all female prisoners are Aboriginal women.

As well, what does the North American Free Trade Agreement have to do with Indigenous people? International trade lawyer Wayne Garnons-Williams says it has a lot to do with it. And is pushing for an Indigenous chapter to be included in NAFTA.

Originally aired October 12, 2017

MMIWG Inquiry, and what is a government to government relationship?

Laurie Odjick is one of the speakers at Octobers’s Sisters in Spirit vigil on Parliament Hill. Her daughter Maisy has been missing since 2008.

Odjick joins Nation to Nation host Todd in the studio and explains why she still supports the National Inquiry into MMIWG, despite having reservations.

As well, the political panel is back and one the issues on the table is – what exactly does having a government to government relationship mean?

Originally aired October 5, 2017