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Marijuana market promises to grow jobs for Akwesasne


Annette Francis
Renovations at this old water factory are germinating a marijuana business opportunity.

“We’re hoping that by opening Seven Leaf we can provide jobs for our community,” said Lewis Mitchell of the multi-million dollar project. “We’re hoping between 75 and 100 jobs.”

Mitchell is a former police chief in the Akwesasne Mohawk community.

Some might find it strange that a 23-year police veteran would be involved with a cannabis business.

But if all goes well, Seven Leaf could soon become a licensed medical cannabis manufacturer.

“I’ve got family members who have who are suffering from arthritis, from diabetes,” said Mitchell. “And, in my discussions with not only my family members but other members throughout the community, there was a lot of use of marijuana already in our community for legitimate medical reasons.

“People are suffering, they want to relieve pain,” Mitchell said.

Company lawyer Lorraine White says the project began in 2014. She says the company applied for a license to grow medical marijuana after Health Canada changed its licensing regulations.

“We have overcome what we believe to be the more stringent review, including security clearances, and we have submitted amendments to our application over the course of the past few years which now takes us to this point,” she said.

Still, she says there’s a long way to go before any plants can take root here.

“The licensing is in two phases,” she explained. “If Health Canada approves our facility and we meet regulations for security, for quality control, inventory tracking, all these regulations that Health Canada needs -if we pass that then Health Canada will give us a license to grow.”

Mitchell says their goal is to have Phase 1 completed by January.

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2 Responses to “Marijuana market promises to grow jobs for Akwesasne”

    Mk October 27, 2017 at 3:39 pm #

    At least hes a police officer so u hope he will be honest and good for the community . My my Rez is all convicts and gangsters running these places, all legilization did was let these guys do business openly and the profits all go to the same places and organized criminals not good for our community or the youtha who can buy it so easy now

      Grand Chief Richard Lebourdais October 29, 2017 at 4:23 pm #

      all first nations across the country should be given priority in this new market venture, our communities have been overlooked for many years, new markets come and go and first nations are overlooked, our communities need an economic boost, we need to build healthier communities, more jobs equal healthy families,