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Proposed sterilization class-action filed in Saskatoon court


The Canadian Press
A proposed class-action suit against Canada’s attorney general, the Saskatchewan government, the province’s health regions and doctors who allegedly coerced Indigenous women to undergo sterilization has been filed in Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench.

The statement of claim was filed about three months after the Saskatoon Health Region released the findings of a six-month external review into Indigenous women who had a tubal ligation.

A judge needs to sign off on the statement of claim before it moves forward as a class action suit.

The lawsuit, if certified, would seek damages for each plaintiff.

Two women are currently listed as plaintiffs but more women in Saskatchewan could be included if the lawsuit is approved.

The statement of claim states the women’s charter rights, including their right to life, liberty and security and their right to receive health care free of discrimination, were breached.

Other damages listed include future cost of care, punitive or exemplary damages, and general damages for “lost opportunity,” among others.

After the report was released, federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett said it was an indication of racism in a health-care system that remains biased against Aboriginal women.

The report was researched and compiled by Yvonne Boyer, a lawyer and a Canada Research Chair at Manitoba’s Brandon University, and Dr. Judith Bartlett, a physician, and researcher.

The report suggested some Indigenous women from Saskatoon and the surrounding area were coerced into having their Fallopian tubes clamped or severed after giving birth in the hospital.

Most of the women who were interviewed for the report either did not recall consenting to the procedure or did so because they were exhausted and too overwhelmed to fight any longer, the researchers found.

In response to the findings, the Saskatoon Health Region said it deeply regrets what happened, acknowledging it failed to treat the women with the respect, compassion, and support they deserve.

More to come.

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    Corinne Rowan October 13, 2017 at 8:50 pm #

    Hi I don’t kno who to talk to about anything. Here it goes, I met this handsome guy. In Edmonton Alberta, he asked me out, so we started seeing each other. Then we ended I found out I was pregnant, told him. He denied it so I moved to saskatchewan & thats where this happened to me to in north battleford SK in 1994. I had one son & can’t have anymore, I’ve had hard time Going thru this alone, nobody understands. I want more kids. But I feel I’m too old now. Due to this procedure Dr. Selie did to me. I’m so up set.. I can’t believe a “DR” would do THAT to me. Not telling me, or letting me kno.. Not even a notification of any of this. I was to ONLY have a baby n go home, Like everyone else. They “BUH” Battleford Union Hospital. Kept me I was hemorrhaging for 3days. I knew this was NOT Normal. But they insisted I was being well taking care of.. I had my aunt come visit. I wanted to tell her, things aren’t looking good here(@ B.U.H).but she was to busy, telling me about the stuff she bought my NEW baby boy. Who is now 23 yrs old. He grew up alone, asked me from time to time while he was small. “Mom, how come I don’t have a brother or a sister” I cryed. I jst told him drs. Did something to me..I don’t kno what. But they did & that’s why. Its hard finding this OUT on aptn. “That DR’s where & still are sterilizing young women, that are ALONE.. So i’m not the only woman this happened to. Shame on them drs. When I found this out.. I cried & cried a whole day & here I am. Looking you guys up. When my son turned 15 he was looking for his dad. Since we split up. I to haven’t heard from him. My son went bought the Edmonton sun in 2010.. He starts asking me about his dad. His name & age. So I told him , then he shows me the paper & front page was his (face) his dad, Found out his dad was killed in Toronto by an Ex Attorney general. his dads name was Darcy Allen Sheppard. I was so devastated, not for me. but for my son. He was so close to finding his dad. I blame myself for that part. Not letting him know his dad. Now he’s gone! I’ve moved on alot in my life, I’ve got 2 beautiful granddaughters two step grandkids whom I raised as my own. I love them all. My tribe is small.. When It could of been a whole different life for the two of us. We had each other “My Son & I” I need someone to talk to.. I’m stuck with life, no where to turn or no one to talk too, I’m also trying to find my sons grandparents (Darcy’s parents) So he can Meet them for the first time, I’m also starting to working on writing a book. About My life. “From then to now” I’m looking for any kind of help. Any kind. Thank you for listening