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Bringing attention to Canada’s secret shame: Human Trafficking

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There is a crime robbing victims of their most basic human right, and it’s happening right here in our country, mostly towards our indigenous women and girls.

Public Safety Canada defines human trafficking as “one of the most heinous crimes imaginable, often described as modern-day slavery.”

Mostly women – even children, including boys… Forced into the sex industry.

Perpetrators profiting off their victims, using intimidation tactics.

A documentary called “Human Trafficking, Canada’s Secret Shame” was launched in Winnipeg by the Joy Smith Foundation.

A way to bring attention to children being lured by human traffickers and today’s topic on APTN’s InFocus.

Guests on the show include Joy Smith, founder of the foundation and Alaya McIvor, a survivor from human trafficking.

Marly Day also joined by skype. She is one of the founders of a grandmother’s group in Sault Ste. Marie that raises awareness about human trafficking.

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