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Blood Tribe evacuees recount thick smoke and falling embers from wildfire


Tamara Pimentel
APTN National News
Barry Jacob and Nathan Amable were staying at the Kainai Treatment Centre Tuesday when they were told they needed to evacuate.

“One of the counselors at the centre woke us up and said ‘it’s time to go,'” said Amable.

“Had a rude awakening,” said Jacob. “Three thirty in the morning. Told to evac.”

A wildfire nearby at Waterton National Park forced the evacuation of nearly 200 people while Blood Tribe issued a state of emergency.

The situation didn’t appear to be better Wednesday as part of the Blood reserve will still under a mandatory evacuation order.

While the fire hasn’t reached the community it’s the smoke that’s been an issue.

“It’s been rough here on the Blood reserve in the last two days since the fire in Waterton spread and the smoke has been coming in our direction,” said member Rick Tail Feathers. “The smoke was so thick it was hard to see.”

APTN spoke to Roseann Scout and her daughter at the evacuee station in nearby Standoff, Alberta.

“There was ashes falling from the air. They were the size of almost a quarter. There was even embers. The smoke was really strong. It was just seeping into the house,” said Scout.

Tail Feathers said there is no sign yet of going back home. He did say rainfall expected Wednesday night is lifting spirits and bringing hope they’ll be able to soon.

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