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Occupation of B.C. fish farm continues


Laurie Hamelin
APTN National News
Hereditary Chief Ernest Alfred and supporters continue to occupy a British Columbia fish farm and say they won’t leave until the government revokes the farm’s license.

The occupation at the Swanson Island Farm started Thursday night after a video was released showing deformed and diseased salmon in various B.C. fish farms from Campbell River to Alert Bay.

The images were shot by hereditary Chiefs George Quocksister Jr. and Alfred with the help of the Sea Shepherd Conservation group.

Indigenous communities have been fighting against fish farms for 30 years but the video has brought the issue to the forefront.

“It just seems no was really willing to listen and the folks that were listening, people like DFO were passing this off as if this is a minor problem,” said Alfred. ” Our waters are being completely contaminated with disease and pathogens and we know the difference, we are seeing the difference.”

He said his people are fed up.

“My entire purpose here is to get the word out to the general public about what we are seeing here in our territory,” said Alfred.

But the B.C. government said Swanson Island Farm is operating legally and there are no plans to rescind the license.



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One Response to “Occupation of B.C. fish farm continues”

  1. gmarkperkins@shaw.ca'
    Mark Perkins August 29, 2017 at 1:57 am #

    How disgusting that our so-called protectors, the DFO of our government, is so inept that it can’t learn from 15,000+ years of First Nations sustained resources Listen and learn John Horgan,, Andrew Weaver and your people. What will it take?