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RCMP musical ride gallops down Main street in Whitehorse, literally


Shirley McLean
APTN National News

 The most famous musical ride in the world is galloping into Whitehorse, Yukon for a show this weekend.

36 horses with the RCMP Musical Ride are in the Wilderness city and have transformed the Tahkini arena into a makeshift stable.

RCMP Const. Erin Beaulieu from the Sandy Bay First Nation in Manitoba talks about her horse Bentley.

“He’s a very talented boy,” she said. “He’s got a bit of personality and some attitude he loves getting groomed but when we get on his back and for a ride he’s got a bit of spunk to him. He’s fun.”

According to the RCMP, the horses are a special breed raised at the RCMP farm detachment in Ottawa.

Each one is between 16 and 17 hands tall.

“A hand is literally just four inches with the side of your hand so Bentley is 17,” said Beaulieu. “So he’s got 17 hands stacked on top from his foot all the way up to his wither right here so scared to ride him at all?

“Sometimes your heart gives a little pitta patter here and there but it’s really exciting and fun.”


The ride is performed by a full troop of 32 riders.

This is the first time in 22 years the musical ride has been in Whitehorse.

The visit is part of Canada’s 150 celebrations.

“A lot of the kids like horses. It’s something cool in town. the musical ride never comes to Whitehorse,” said Dan Jones, a resident of Whitehorse. “I think it’s a treat for the kids and a treat for the community.”

Beaulieu said being a member of the RCMP, and the musical ride bridges her Indigenous identity with the heritage and traditions of the Mounties.

“To be an RCMP member is amazing. You’re the icon of Canada, the pride and everything that goes into it,” said Beaulieu.

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    So, by “literally” do you mean figuratively? Or are they actually going downtown?