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B.C. still fighting through 2nd worst wildfire season on record


(A shot from space. NASA satellite captures wildfire smoke covering much of British Columbia.)

Tina House
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On Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, the smoke from British Columbia’s wildfires is so thick you can barely make out the Lions Gate bridge in the background.

A tanker on the water resembles a ghost ship.


The smoke from the B.C. wildfires has nearly blanketed the entire province – prompting air quality alerts.

There are still 130 fires burning – and with continued hot and dry conditions – there is no relief in sight.

The smoke also reaching down into Washington State.

NASA has just released images from space showing how far the smoke has spread.

“2017 season has been extraordinary in many ways many measures in terms of the fire aggressiveness,” said Kevin Skrepnik, chief fire officer in B.C.

“We are seeing hot and dry conditions that are persisting across the province. We are continuing to experience that large number of fires that we had at the start in early July.”

BC Wildfires Cypress Mountain

(This view from Cypress Mountain should show the Lions Gate bridge to Vancouver.)

The news gets worse – August is usually the worst month for fires – numerous resources and international fire fighters are being brought in to help.

Despite some relief for residents in Williams Lake who are allowed to return home – other communities near there are now on evacuation order including surrounding areas close to Quesnel, 750 km northeast of Vancouver.

“This current situation could get worse before it gets better,” said Skrepnik.

So far, wildfires have burned through 491,000 hectares across B.C. and close to $204 million have been spent battling the blazes.

The federal government has pledged $27 million to help.

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  1. greatdame57@yahoo.ca'
    April Sorensen August 4, 2017 at 4:08 pm #

    So can someone please explain WHY we have not shut down the bush and campgrounds – by not shutting them down we are waiting for an accident to happen. Why can we not be proactive before more fires are started either accidentally or by human cause.