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David Suzuki visits Grassy Narrows to sign MOU

John Murray
APTN National News

David Suzuki was in the community of Grassy Narrows to sign a memorandum of understanding between the community polluted with mercury, and his foundation.

For years, Grassy Narrows has been pleading with the province of Ontario to help clean up the contamination caused by a now-defunct pulp mill.

People have suffered a number of typical side effects of mercury poisoning and testing done by a Japanese scientist confirmed that is what was poisoning the people in the community.

Then on the day of Suzuki’s visit, Ontario announced $85 million towards cleaning up the waters around Grassy Narrows.



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One Response to “David Suzuki visits Grassy Narrows to sign MOU”

  1. fahey22@msn.com'
    Sylvia J. wilson July 5, 2017 at 12:51 pm #

    Steve Fobister Sr. of Grassy Narrows, Ontario did most of the work to bring attention to this situation. He presently suffers the effects of mercury poisoning and lives on “compensation” from the government which is less than if he was on Income Support. Although I’m glad the Suzuki Foundation is involved, I give Steve the credit for this FINALLY being cleaned up.
    It’s shameful that he isn’t even MENTIONED in Suzuki’s announcement.