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In the Archives: APTN National News stories on the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement

APTN National News 


The Beginning 

The Federal Government Announces the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement

After months of negotiations, the Liberal government announced a historical settlement on November 23, 2005, that offered compensation to tens of thousands of residential school survivors. It’s a $2 billion package was negotiated by Canada, the Assembly of First Nations, and Church groups. Millions are set aside for the Truth and Reconciliation process. 


The Apology 

They were words that thousands of residential school survivors were waiting to hear. On June 11, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood in the House of Commons, surrounded by representatives from First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities and apologized. Some were moved to tears, while others remained skeptical of Canada’s motives.


Residential School Lawyers Warned over Ethics

Court Order Puts Survivor Compensation Cases in Jeopardy

Ottawa, Churches Playing Hardball Over Residential School Historical Documents, TRC Charges

Residential School Lawyers – Part 1 

Residential School Lawyers – Part 2

Kelly Busch: Residential School Students Say They’ve Been Hurt By Law Firm

Honour Walk: Residential School Students Say They’ve Been Hurt By Law Firm

Slow Response: Residential School Students Say They’ve Been Hurt By Law Firm

APTN Investigates Season 3: The IAP Process 



IAP Investigation Follow-Up – Part 1

IAP Investigation Follow-Up – Part 2

Painful Memories Kept Many Residential School Survivors From Filing Claim Until Deadline Loomed

APTN Investigates Season 4 – Blood Money


Federal Government Ordered To Hand Over Millions of Residential School Documents 

Heavy Secrecy Surrounds Hearing Into Possible Lawyer Misconduct

Publication Ban Dropped, Review To Begin On Residential School Case

Residential Schools Chief Adjudicator To Resign

Indian Residential School Historical Record Threatened By TRC, Aboriginal Affairs Bumbling: Auditor General

Parole Denied For Convicted Killer Involved In Residential School Claims



Feds Ordered To Produce St. Anne’s Documents To TRC

Law Firm Under Investigation Employs Lawyers Involved In Politics

Lawyer Who Ripped Off Residential School Survivors Suspended

Testimony at the TRC National Event in Edmonton, Alberta

The TRC held seven national events. The last one was held in Edmonton March 31, 2014. More than 3,000 survivors attended, and 402 statements were collected. The testimony ranged from men and women still searching for their parents and grandparents to one survivor who watched helplessly as her sister was humiliated.

Disgraced Residential Schools Lawyer Allowed To Resign

Form-Filling Companies ‘Illegal’ And ‘Unconscionable’: Manitoba Judge

Blott To Resign: No Guarantee Of An Apology

Destroy Residential Schools Testimony: Chief Adjudicator

Survivors Speak Out Against Destruction Of Residential Schools Records

Shocking Details Released In Blott Case

Catholic Groups Lose Residential School Argument

Residential Schools Lawyer Fined For ‘Toilet Paper’ Retainer

Judge Rules Against Destruction Of Residential School Records

Personal Education Credits ‘Controlling And Racist’: Survivors

Court Cracking Down On Survivor Compensation Abuses

NAN Chief Welcomes Investigation Into Kenora Law Firm 

IAP Lawyer Not Cooperating With Investigators

Survivor On Hunger Strike To Pressure Band’s Relationship With Law Firm

Hunger Striker Hopeful Of A Resolution ‘Later Today’


Person Of Interest: Government Unit Investigates Former Residential School Students Accused Of Abusing Other Students

A Look At Canada’s Indian Residential Schools By The Numbers

Top Justice Says Country Committed Cultural Genocide Against Indigenous Peoples 

After 6 Years On The Road, What Happens With Reconciliation?

The Living Legacy Of Residential Schools Through The Life Of A Homeless Inuk Man

The TRC’s Interim Report

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has wrapped up four years of hearings where it heard from thousands of survivors from across the country. On June 2, 2015, Commission Chair Murray Sinclair issues an interim reports with 94 Calls to Action.

Read the 94 Calls to Action 

Like Shattered Glass, Residential School Survivors Share Their Stories

Canada Guilty of Cultural Genocide Against Indigenous Peoples: TRC 

Indian Affairs Interfered With Police Investigations Of Residential School Abuse: TRC

PM Harper Has Failed To Live Up To Promise Of 2008 Residential School Apology: TRC

Métis Survivors Unhappy With Exclusion From TRC Final Event

Residential Day School Survivors Look Forward To Their Day In Court

Government Speeches Contradict Aspirations Of TRC 

Another Residential School Lawyer Accused of “Professional Misconduct”

Text Of Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s Apology To Residential School Survivors

Residential Schools Lawyer To Complete IAP Files

Lawyer Accused Of Misconduct Crashes Residential School Survivor Gathering

Métis Residential Day School Survivors Sue Catholic Church, Manitoba

Harper’s 2008 Residential School Apology Was ‘Attempt To Kill The Story,’ Says Ex-PMO Speechwriter

Residential School Survivors Fear Federal Leaders Have Forgotten About Them

Canada Headed For Conflict Unless Political Class Commits to Renewed Relationship With Indigenous Peoples 

Fate Of Heart Wrenching Residential School Abuse Stories Hang In the Balance

More Complaints About Residential School Lawyer

Harper Government Obstructed Search For Children Who Died In Residential Schools: TRC

A Prime Minister Gives His Word As TRC Unveils Final Report On Dark Legacy Of Residential Schools

Reconciliation Is Going to Take Years, Generations Says Trudeau

Families Talk About Final Report Of TRC



Ottawa Open To Settling Indian Residential School Claim From Newfoundland And Labrador Survivors

Manitoba Liberal Leader Denies She Mishandled Residential School Survivor Claims

More Lawyers Accused of Mishandling Residential School Files 

Residential School Survivor Raped As Child Lost Claim After Ottawa’s Lawyers Pulled ‘Legalistic’ Move

IAP Chief Adjudicator Accused Of Failing To Enforce Residential Schools Settlement

Ottawa Continues Legal Fight Against St. Anne’s Indian Residential School Survivor Over Suppressed Evidence

Ottawa, Newfoundland And Labrador Residential School Survivors Reach $50Million Settlement

Residential Schools Settlement Agreement Under Fire 

Ontario Premier Apologizes for ‘Silence’ on Residential Schools

Convicted Residential School Abuser Released on Day Parole 

IAP Adjudicator Relied On ‘Perverse Finding Of Fact’ In Case Of Residential School Rape By Priest: Court

Ottawa Says Ontario Judge’s Ruling On Botched Rape Case Threatens ‘Integrity’ Of Residential School Settlement: Court Document

Ontario Lawyers Facing Law Society Complaint Over Handling Of St. Anne’s Residential School Case: Court Document

Newfoundland And Labrador Judge Approves Class Action Residential School Settlement

Ottawa Mulls Review Of How Its Lawyers Handled Residential School Cases

Canadian Government Wants Law Firm For Residential School Survivors To Pay Back Legal Fees

Saskatchewan Survivors File Class Action Against Ottawa Over Excluded Residential School 

Ottawa Breaching Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement: Sen. Murray Sinclair

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Indian Residential School Document Case

Indian Residential School Hearing Resuming With Fight Over Costs Immunity

Prime Minister Announces Permanent Working Group With Indigenous Leaders, Cash To Preserve Residential School History


Ontario Law Firms Allegedly Sat On Documents Supporting Residential School Clients’ Abuse Claims

Interview With St. Anne’s Indian Residential School Claimant K-10106: Betrayal, Again

Canada vs. St. Anne’s Indian Residential School Survivor H-15019

‘It’s Really Mickey Mouse’ Residential School Survivors React To Deal Made For Kenora Lawyer

Struggle Continues For Students Who Attended Residential School With Electric Chair 

Appeal Filed Over Records Itemizing Abuse From Indian Residential School Notorious For Electric Chair Use

Researcher calls for public inquiry into medical experimentation on students not compensated in settlement agreement

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    Gharper June 21, 2017 at 12:36 am #

    My mother passed away before they announced they were compensating former students. I tried to file my mother’s but they wanted her to apply herself. Why wouldn’t they pay the family if they tried?

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    Can you direct me to who I can talk to about our mother who was in the convent? Is it the same as residental school?
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