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Neskonlith Indian Band sends eviction notice to Imperial Metals

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The Neskonlith Indian Band in British Columbia has issued an eviction notice to the mining company responsible for last week’s massive tailings pond breach before a similar mine is developed on their land.

Chief Judy Wilson says Imperial Metals, through its subsidiary Ruddock Creek Mining,  is seeking approval for a mine in their territory but accuse the company of failing to protect lands and point to the Mount Polley tailings pond breach Aug 4.

“(Mount Polley) could have been prevented if Imperial Metals had proper risk assessment and management practices in place; and the provincial and federal governments had properly assessed and monitored the mining operation,” says Wilson in a statement.

The Secwepemc is made up of 17 First Nations.

Wilson says they have a responsibility to protect their land and waters.

“Our people made a declaration opposing the Ruddock Creek mine and held water ceremonies to protect our water and salmon. Our council stands with our elders and people, we oppose the proposed Ruddock Creek mine by Imperial Metals and hereby evict Imperial Metals from our territory,” she says.” If Imperial Metals does not comply, Neskonlith will also block access to the Ruddock Creek Mine to ensure it is closed indefinitely.”

2 Responses to “Neskonlith Indian Band sends eviction notice to Imperial Metals”

    Texelc Opposition August 13, 2014 at 9:27 pm #

    Where are the collective Save the Fraser Declaration Signees. They should collectively be in Williams Lake or Sugar Cane -WLIB- denouncing this environmental disaster and aggressively supporting Neskonlith’s and the Klabona Keepers position. Their worst case scenario has happened in the context of salmon existence.

    JA Jack
    Williams Lake Indian Band Opposition

    Chris Read August 14, 2014 at 12:05 am #

    I love you, the aboriginal peoples of BC. I will support you where I can!