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Band faces salary questions

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More questions are being asked about the salaries being paid to band officials.

APTN National News looks at one community under the microscope following the release of chief and councillor salaries from across the country and the revelation that one of its politicians pulled in nearly $1 million.

APTN National News reporter James Hopkin has more.

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One Response to “Band faces salary questions”

  1. Anonymous November 30, 2010 at 1:09 am #

    I thought INAC is supposed to babysit our Chief and Councilors, so why would INAC allow this kind of gross inequality, and ultimately the Federal gov’t? Didn’t anyone take the guy aside and say “No, this is not right.”nnI suppose I might take a million dollars if no one told me “no”. I might even take a million dollars if it were perfectly legal, which seems to be the case here. But, where I won’t agree with the “million dollar guy” is when it comes down to morals.nnWhat I’m getting at is, there is more than one person and organization to blame here.