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MPs on Indian Act, tar sands and accountability

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Parliament has been back for nearly two weeks now and a lot has happened.

It’s time for APTN National News‘ political panel to tackle the week’s events.

The tar sands, accountability and scrapping the Indian Act were the hot topics of debate.

Shelly Glover, Parliamentary secretary for Indian Affairs, NDP MP Jean Crowder and Liberal MP Todd Russell discuss the issues.


One Response to “MPs on Indian Act, tar sands and accountability”

  1. Anonymous October 3, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    I keep hearing, and maybe it’s more of a hope, that Senator Brazeau’s comments are his own opinion and perspective. Maybe I could swallow such justifications if he had recorded his comments from the comfort of his own home, but I can’t accept his comments as purely personal when he spoke them from the floor of the Senate Chambers. Perhaps it was an error in judgement on Senator Brazeau’s part, and if that’s the case he ought to clear it up.nnAnd further, when challenged as to the timing of his video posting, the Senator said that the plans for the video had been in the works for months. None of his comments, by his own admission, were simply coincidences. He cannot recall his words now, they’ve gone out. They will add to the gross and biased misunderstandings that the average Canadian hears about First Nations. Hopefully the Senator will realize his errors and not take for granted anymore the position he’s been given.